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A Sunny and Safe Easter

The long weekends over the Easter holiday period is all but upon us and it is incumbent on all of us to ensure that our visitors (and residents) have wonderful experiences on our lovely beaches and at our many attractions.

Recently there have been a few incidents whereby visitors have been robbed on one or two beaches and in every instance the guests were situated in very isolated parts of those parts of the coast.

We need to urge our beach goers that it is imperative to stay within easy sight of other sun worshippers, life guards and law enforcement officials.

Such instances of opportunistic crime are prevalent in many of our country’s tourism hotspots. We at Ugu South Coast Tourism along with our Sunny and Safe Campaign partners will continue to promote safety awareness for our guests and beach users.

We urge people not to take expensive items on to beaches- this merely attracts the eye of the criminal.  It is best to be close to other groups and the main beaches which usually have enforcement personnel on hand.

Last Summer season was generally peaceful and we wish that every day in our destination be as hassle free as possible. It takes the collective effort of the tourism fraternity, public interest groups the authorities and our own populace to establish a safer destination for the benefit of all users.

All need to be vigilant and caring of other people’s well being (without scare mongering) – in so doing I believe we will ensure that our Paradise reduces the prospect of unfortunate incidents.

The other day I was at a gathering in the Midlands and one young family man said “I will go to the South Coast any day- its beaches are the best in the province”. We need to retain this type of sentiment and by keeping the Sunny and Safe message alive I am convinced that sporadic reports on unwanted incidents will diminish.

Have a great week – it is a great time of year down here.

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