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Speaking to Our Markets

Over  the past few weeks. Ugu South Coast Tourism has been promoting in Gauteng (Beeld Holiday Show) and in the Western Cape (Cape Getaway Show) and from these two events, it is apparent that some of our source markets have such diverse characteristics

Our Gauteng market is by far the most significant and it is the family orientated visitor who usually comes to the South Coast over peak holiday seasons.. Often they use self catering or their own holiday home as their choice of accommodation albeit many are from the caravan and camping fraternity.

This market cohort is not restricted to the Afrikaans speaking South African and there is a trend that indicates huge potential for our emerging middle class visitors. For this reason we will soon be exhibiting our tourism sell at the Rand Easter Show which attracts many thousands of prospective tourists who have yet to find their destination of preference.

The Cape market generally has a high per capita holiday spend and usually prefer to stay in up market establishments and often travel as couples as opposed to families. Because of distance to get to the eastern seaboard of KZN, they are less likely to take multiple trips and will probably have one longer holiday here and in other parts of the province.

Interestingly (and that is why we promote at the Getaway Show) there were a number of foreign enquirers who live 3-5 months a year in the Cape- their interest in our destination was thorough and with a pastime preference for golf and hiking.

Needless to say many Cape people could not differentiate between Zululand, North Coast and the South Coast so at times we had to emphasise the geography of our region and that we are the best entry point to KZN for land travellers from Cape Province.

Not many people are aware that the shortest road route to and from Durban to Cape Town involves going via the South Coast (preferably with stop over), the Eastern Cape Highlands and cross country to the N1 in the Karoo. This aspect we plugged a great deal whilst at the show.

By attending these regional shows and talking to people about the South Coast, one gets a perspective of their expectations and interests and at the same time be given an opportunity to impart to them on our attractions and experiences. Unless we do it in this way, a major part of our expansive marketing effort will be flawed.

So whether from the Gauteng or Cape, we are satisfied that here in the Paradise of the Zulu Kingdom we can host a broad spectrum of visitor needs and cater for their exacting interest niches.

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